13 April, 2021

APF Plus Advanced Protection Formula for Horses, 12 oz

APF Plus is a natural herbal supplement that helps your horse respond to athletic training and stress with a steady, calm energy that improves both output and recovery. APF Plus builds on the proven nutritional technology of the original APF with the addition of the herb Aralia mandschurica, which helps GI function, is cardio-protective, promotes attention and focus, and provides protection for the immune system and the energy cycle. Also contains Echinopanax elatus another important herb that supports the body’s uptake and utilization of gluco

Source by valleyvetsupply

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Obezite günlüklerine hoş geldiniz. Güvenilirlik, faydalılık ve benzersizliğe odaklanarak size en iyisini sunmaya kararlıyız.

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