25 July, 2024

My name is Valerie Anderson. My journey began on May 2, 2017. Little did I know …


My name is Valerie Anderson. My journey began on May 2, 2017. Little did I know my life was about to change for the better. I had many issues. I was diagnosed with #diverticulitis about 10 years ago. At first, I was having an episode about once a year that increased to 4 a year, each one lasting about two weeks with few days of real intense pain. I also had severe knee #pain. I could barely walk – forget about the stairs, there was just no way. I went to the specialist, and he said I had torn my kneecap and it was now crooked. I went to physical therapy for a period of time. My foot arches had also fallen due to the wrong foot wear, being #overweight and being on my feet all day. I have always had a craving for sweets, cookies ,cakes, donuts, candy, (mostly chocolate) and of course ice cream. I ate more chips than was supposed to. I also messed up my shoulders at work. I had received acupuncture for the pain. My #sleep schedule sucked – I was up at least four or five times per night. I was always #tired and survived on coffee.

I seriously thought that my life was coming to an end very soon. I was done. Period.

Fast-forward to today. I no longer suffer from knee pain. I can climb stairs again, up-and-down with no problems. My shoulders no longer bothers me. I haven’t had an episode of diverticulitis since I started taking the supplements. In fact, I haven’t even been #sick with a head cold, flu or anything else since I started! I sleep better than I used to, getting up only once a night to go potty. I believe I got my arches back, too, as I can wear any shoes or boots without a problem. I no longer have intense #cravings for #sweets like I used to, but will have something once in a while. I enjoy a piece of dark chocolate now, not the whole thing. I do enjoy coffee again after quitting entirely for about six weeks without noticing it. I now only use a little creamer with some half-and-half and only a cup, not the whole pot! I dropped pant sizes, I don’t weigh in and never have – I just go by how my pants fit. These are just some of the ways my life has changed for the better.

I’m a Plexus lifer for sure!!!



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