12 April, 2021

I know quite a few people were disappointed to see the update yesterday recomme…

I know quite a few people were disappointed to see the @who update yesterday recommending that only individuals who were actively exhibiting symptoms of being sick, or caring for such individuals, wear a mask. Leaving aside how bizarrely politicized everything related to covid has become — I understand why so many people wanted to believe that masks would keep them safe. When you’re frightened, it’s comforting to believe that something small and simple could function as a security blanket. But there is good news — even though the WHO is not recommending general mask use, a myriad of studies have found that there is something you can do to help reduce your risk of catching a severe case of covid, and potentially spreading it to others. And that is stay active and maintain a healthy weight.

That’s right. Sorry to break it to you, but maintaining a healthy weight isn’t about attractiveness and conforming to societal beauty standards. It means you care about the health of the people around you, even if you don’t care about your own. So let’s take all that great energy we put into the other potential means of reducing the risk of covid that we hoped would work — and put it into one that we know actually does work. Get in shape.

You don’t have to do it overnight. If you haven’t cared for your health in a long time, don’t try to fix the problem all at once! Look for small, attainable victories that can begin to snowball. Cut back on the number of sodas you drink. Start eating a side salad before the main meal. Go for a walk around the block every day. Then eventually two blocks. Then start jogging. Just for a few ideas! Anything you can do is better than nothing. It just takes the guts and mental discipline to start, even if you don’t feel like it. And best of all — starting means you are proving how much you care for the loved ones in your life.

No excuses. Zoe has no time for em, and neither do I. 😉 Do the right thing. Let’s go!


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