18 April, 2021

ATTENTION CHOCOLATE LOVERS! Super easy chocolate fudge, healthy, nutritious, v…

🍫 ATTENTION CHOCOLATE LOVERS! Super easy chocolate fudge, healthy, nutritious, vegan& made from coconut😋 🥥
I’m obsessed with coming up healthier, but genuinely satisfying alternatives for my favourite “junk foods”. While I do believe that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having junk food in moderation, and no one EVER should feel guilty about it, I try to limit my consumption to “special” occasions, e.g. the weekly picnics/restaurant dinners with friends. It’s not because I’m worried about calories, which I personally don’t think is worth to stress about, but because of the ingredients and nutrition these foods contain. Sugar, preservatives, flavour enhancers and too much salt ARE BAD for your body. Not because of their calorie density, but because these are unnatural substances that are toxic to your body, leave you feel heavy and sluggish. Again, in moderation it won’t make or break your health or general well being, but having a habit of eating fast food for lunch and dinner and snacking on chocolate in between meals, all day everyday, probably won’t lead to any good.
However, I do LOVE my junk foods with a passion, and I’m quite happy eating some every single day. That’s why do I enjoy coming up with new, healthier versions of my favourite “guilty pleasures”: I get to have them every single day without a problem, and they even nourish my body!
Chocolate (and caramel, ofc💁🏻‍♀️) fudge is one is my favourite sweet, and I’m really happy to have found a way to torn it into a healthy treat!😋 It’s super easy&quick, and you only need 4 ingredients!

▫️14oz/410ml coconut cream
▫️1/2 cup coconut oil ▫️2-3tablespoon cocoa powder (to taste)
▫️3-3 tablespoon agave/any natural sweetener (to taste)
▫️warm up the coconut oil and cream in a pan, and when all melted, add the cocoa powder and sweetener ▫️mix it all together until smooth& well combined(if it doesn’t want to come together, put the mixture in a blender and it will blend out perfectly) ▫️line a small baking tray with parching paper, and pour in the mixture ▫️refrigerate for about 3 hours, or until your fudge becomes fully solid
▫️slice up&enjoy😋🌺


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