19 July, 2024

Frustrated by the scale? It’s pretty crazy to think a tiny piece of metal on t…


Frustrated by the scale? 😩👇🏻

It’s pretty crazy to think a tiny piece of metal on the bathroom floor can evoke so much emotion.

Yet so many women can relate to feelings of stress and anxiety from that seemingly simple data point.

If the scales got you frustrated, it could be because you are overly outcome focused.

**Disclaimer: whether body weight is an appropriate “data point” for you in the first place is a topic for another day!**

Outcomes are what you get (like setting your destination in Google Maps) 📍

Processes are about what you do (the map you follow to get there) 🗺

• give a clear direction to move towards
• are a motivating milestones to celebrate
• are an objective measurement of progress

• your progress is not directly in your control (eg. the scale fluctuates daily for many reasons)
• they don’t tell you the actions to take to reach the destination (ie. not the “how to” guide!)

Google Maps would be useless if it didn’t instruct you to turn left, right, or make a U-turn! 🚗

Enter process goals 🙌🏻

• tell you how to reach the outcome goal
• are within your control (eg. you can control the behaviors that lead to your best weight in time).

When you choose the right process goals you give your body space to find a healthy, happy, and comfortable weight for you!

Our Four Week Transformation Challenges takes the hard-work out of figuring out that process.

In the course your learn the 4 step process to find your optimal weight. But as a positive side effect, and not the primary focus.

Instead of defining success by weight loss, we celebrate consistency with the habits that lead to results in time!

If you’re ready to redefine success, head to the link in our bio to reserve your spot.
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